About Us

Aloha everyone,

I started Bliss Soaps Hawaii so that everyone can have an equal opportunity to get quality soap without the risk of going to the store. My dad works in a job were he gets dirty and needs to wash his hands often. With COVID-19 worries, he started washing his hands more often with store bought cheap soap with many chemicals in it. It made his hands start to have rashes and peel because it dried out his skin. I wanted to help and do something so I started making vegan cold processed soap.

With COVID-19, it changed our world. How we work, how we play, and how we shop is now different. I am a full time college student and currently distantly learning from my University. With my limited access to socialization, I have made it my point to keep my spirit of business alive and my wild spirit contained in artistic combinations. My goal is to educate people about how handmade soaps are better for your health and skin with out the unnecessary harsh chemicals. 

My vision is to create effective, stylish soaps which are constantly changing scents and color creations. I want to be able to help families encourage each other during a difficult time where health and safety is a priority. Having a cute soap with bright colors and wonderful scents lights up your bathroom and gives it a bit more life. 

Washing your hands does not mean you are stuck with harsh chemicals, boring colors, and tiring scents. Bliss Soaps Hawaii is dedicated to creating soaps that fits your personality. 

Mahalo for your support,